These are some projects created and/or maintained by Shiar aka Mischa Poslawsky.
Grab them using git clone git://$PROJECT. Patches are welcome at perl AT shiar DOT org.
Project Description Owner Last Change
barcat.git cat with bar graph GPL3 4 weeks ago
descalc.git desktop rpn calculator GPL3 11 years ago
git-grep-footer.git find custom header lines in commit messages GPL2+ 8 years ago
minimedit.git MinimEdit - databaseless cms with only a bit of php AGPL3 3 days ago
nemesis.git Nemesis - sidescrolling shoot-em-up game for TI-8x calcs GPL3 10 years ago
netris.git Netris - multiplayer Tetris game for *nix GPL2+ 10 years ago
perl/file-rewrite.git File::Rewrite - append and/or strip lines from text files Artistic 7 years ago
perl/html-form-simple.git HTML::Form::Simple - generate HTML form elements Artistic 11 years ago
perl/list-index.git List::Index - find and apply optimal prefix ranges to paginate keywords Artistic 9 years ago
perl/loc/.git Tie::Cascade - localised hash Artistic 10 years ago
perl/plp/.git PLP - Perl in HTML pages MIT 18 months ago
perl/schtarr.git StarCraft data parsing ? 10 years ago
sc2-widget SC2 widget - web page with StarCraft profile and ladder rankings AGPL3 2 months ago
sheet.git - software cheat sheets AGPL3 19 months ago
unicode-sampler.git Unicode sampler - various texts to test Unicode support CC BY-SA 4 years ago
unifont.git Unifont - monospaced bitmap font with full Unicode coverage GPL2+ 4 years ago
wormy.git Wormy - TI-86 calculator game for 1-4 players GPL3 10 years ago