These are some projects created and/or maintained by Shiar aka Mischa Poslawsky.
Grab them using git clone git://$PROJECT. Patches are welcome at perl AT shiar DOT org.
Project Description Owner Last Change
barcat.git cat with bar graph GPL3 19 months ago
descalc.git desktop rpn calculator GPL3 16 years ago
git-grep-footer.git find custom header lines in commit messages GPL2+ 13 years ago
minime.git summarize media files for comparison (image fingerprint and metadata) GPL3 2 years ago
minimedit.git MinimEdit - databaseless cms with only a bit of php AGPL3 2 years ago
nemesis.git Nemesis - sidescrolling shoot-em-up game for TI-8x calcs GPL3 15 years ago
netris.git Netris - multiplayer Tetris game for *nix GPL2+ 15 years ago
perl/file-rewrite.git File::Rewrite - append and/or strip lines from text files Artistic 12 years ago
perl/html-form-simple.git HTML::Form::Simple - generate HTML form elements Artistic 15 years ago
perl/list-index.git List::Index - find and apply optimal prefix ranges to paginate keywords Artistic 14 years ago
perl/loc/.git Tie::Cascade - localised hash Artistic 15 years ago
perl/plp/.git PLP - Perl in HTML pages MIT 6 years ago
perl/schtarr.git StarCraft data parsing ? 15 years ago
sc2-widget SC2 widget - web page with StarCraft profile and ladder rankings AGPL3 4 years ago
sheet.git - software cheat sheets AGPL3 2 months ago
unicode-sampler.git Unicode sampler - various texts to test Unicode support CC BY-SA 8 months ago
unifont.git Unifont - monospaced bitmap font with full Unicode coverage GPL2+ 9 years ago
wormy.git Wormy - TI-86 calculator game for 1-4 players GPL3 3 years ago